Who Is CECOP USA? Meet Ignacio Macias

Ignacio Macias, Chief Executive Officer

Photograph of Ignacio MaciasWe’re a little new around here, so we thought we should introduce ourselves.

Hi, I’m Ignacio Macias. I started CECOP USA because I realized there is a struggle in Independent Optometry in the U.S.A and I know I can solve optometrists’ struggles and make their entrepreneurship journey much more enjoyable. I leverage my global buying experience to create innovative deals for our vendors and re-negotiate discounts for our members. My goal is to bring the successful habits from the best practices in the CECOP global experience and create success in the United States to help members and vendors experience elevated success.

I enjoy helping my team thrive. I have the great privilege to lead the United States team, and together we are passionate about transforming the way we can help Independent Optometry thrive.

We are excited to be part of this community. We are here to provide you a NEW value proposition for your practice. We came to the United States through the acquisition of The Alliance and Combine Buying Group and are now ready to leverage innovative thinking and technology to create a better, more efficient and FUN way to thrive in Independent Optometry. We’ve only just begun and believe the future is very bright!

On the rare chance I have time, I enjoy sailing and golfing. Living in Miami, Florida gifts me the opportunity to do so. I also find great fulfillment out of continuing Executive Education.

Welcome to our community and we hope to do business with you very soon!

If you’re interested in what business opportunities we have for you, please email engagement@cecopusa.com or call 888.466.8263.