Social Media Marketing for Optometry

Social media marketing for an eyecare practice is a key factor in making your office known among the public, attracting more customers, and therefore boosting sales.

Social media have many advantages as a way to reach audiences who may turn into potential patients, but perhaps the most important one is that they offer the possibility of addressing segmented audiences with specific messages for each segment.

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What is a segmented audience?

Internet search engines and social media enable you to learn details about the audience browsing on these channels: not only demographic details but also their preferences, interests, and online browsing habits.

The audience can be segmented based on this information, and when you design social media campaigns, they can be targeted at specific segments.

To understand this better, let’s analyze an example: Campaign to sell glasses for presbyopia.

Audience segmentation:

  • People between the ages of 40 and 50.
  • Medium-high purchasing power.
  • Interests: reading, sports, etc.


Other advantages of a social media campaign

53% of brand discoveries occur on social media, according to the Hubspot platform. This audience finds brands due to these channels’ multiple advantages as a way of conducting a marketing campaign.

As we said above, the main advantage is that social media allows you to target segmented audiences, but here are others:


They allow you to pursue leads and turn them into conversions

Social media are an essential component of an inbound marketing strategy. This strategy seeks to “hunt” potential customers when they search the Internet via search engines or social media.

Once they have been located, they can be attracted to your website by posting messages on social media (generating leads) and converting them into customers (by filling out a form sharing their data, buying your products, etc.).


Reach and visibility

Around 300 million people use social media in the United States, that is, almost all the population of age to access this type of channel.

In short, social media has become a common fixture, and an essential part of our day-to-day lives is conducted there.

This is why these channels are fantastic resources that can help your company’s brand increase reach and visibility.


Customer Community

The possibility of creating a customer community is one of the most valuable features of social media.

These channels allow you to maintain constant two-way communication with your current and potential customers. Not only can you send them messages with interesting information on your brand, products, and services, but you can also receive feedback on what they think about you and how you can improve your products and services.

And another crucial advantage of social media is that when the members of your following community receive a product or service that satisfies them, they become real ambassadors of your brand and help you spread the word about the advantages of your products and services.


Information on the competition

You can follow your competitors via social media and find out how they are performing, how they communicate with their customers, and what their customers think about their brands.


Affordable resource

Compared to other marketing strategies, social media marketing is a resource that requires a low investment, even when promoting content. And because they enable you to segment your audience, you can make sure that your ads reach the specific audience you want to reach, unlike other marketing strategies such as traditional ads in the media.


Marketing strategy in social media for your optometry clinic with CECOP USA

Aware of the importance of social media marketing for an eyecare practice, we at CECOP USA have included a social media strategy in our program to grow your company, and we also offer our members free resources to design your marketing campaigns.


In short, social media marketing is a resource that has proven to be very successful in helping eyecare practices grow, and with the resources we offer at CECOP USA, conducting a campaign like this will be super easy.

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