3 Great Promotional Ideas to use in an Optical Business

In such a competitive field as the optical industry, offering customers promotions is a crucial strategy to set yourself apart and boost your sales. This is why we are offering 3 great ideas to use in an optical business.

Brainstorming promotional ideas for optometrists

Buy one, get one free

This classic, but very practical promotion helps clear stock, which is essential when changing seasons, starting a new year, or taking on new suppliers and brands.

It’s an excellent strategy for achieving customer satisfaction for your quality product or service, as well as clearing stock and preparing your optical practice to receive new products.

What are the essential conditions for this promotion?

  • It should be offered for a limited time only, to generate anticipation and a need to act quickly, as you can help them make a decision and speed up sales.
  • You should offer quality products that meet users’ expectations. Making the most of this type of promotion to get rid of products nobody wants is tempting, but it can damage your image and disappoint customers. It’s better to accept a loss for a failed product than to let the customer feel misled or let down by a lack of quality.
  • For these promotions to be profitable, offering them to customers with an insurance plan is not recommended, as this makes it difficult to capitalize.
  • To get the offer, it is important for the first product offered to be at full price. And second, offering a basic service or product is recommended, excluding optimization costs. For example, if you offer a free pair of glasses with a purchase, it is important to charge for complementary services, such as lens treatment, separately.
  • Make sure the promotion is well presented. It’s a good idea to offer a wider variety of designer glasses as a first option and set up a counter to place the entire range of additional glasses neatly on display. Don’t forget, it is important for the customer to perceive that the second product is a quality product, and its presentation must go hand in hand with this aim.

Seasonal promotions: Summer is here!

Seasonal promotions work because they offer customers what they need, when they need it, and at the right price. Summer, back to school and Christmas are usually the best seasons to offer promotions, as it’s when consumers usually spend more money to satisfy specific needs.

In terms of the promotions that can be offered, the options are vast and the limits are few. In such a competitive field as the optical business, it’s good to be creative.

Of course, it’s important to offer products and services at your optical practice that satisfy customer needs depending on the season, for example, sunglasses, and sport-specific lenses (Fishing, cycling etc)  However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to this type of promotion. You should also consider displaying your promotions in a specific area of your practice. Consider updating your displays and making them attractive for the patients to see what the offers are. The options are endless and depend entirely on your imagination.

Social media, a window of opportunity

In the US, a person spends on average 2 hours 27 minutes on social media every day. The average citizen checks their cell phone 159 times a day. As a result, users will spend 4 billion hours on social media this year, so there is no doubt having a presence on these platforms is essential.

It’s important to design a strategy to create a solid community for your optical practice through social media. It is also a great way to advertise our promotions. Here are a few promotional ideas for your social media profiles.

  • Invite followers to tell a story related to your products or services. This is a great way to interact and encourage your community to stay loyal. The idea is that they tell a story, you choose the best one and offer a prize to the winner. The story must mention your products or services so your customers can help you advertise by becoming your brand ambassadors.
  • Ask your customers to leave a review or make a comment on your social media page.
  • Offer a discount for customers that refer other customers or family members to your practice. You can give a $25 gift card or offer a $50 discount on their next order when they refer a new customer to you.


Promotions are undoubtedly an efficient way to boost sales and achieve customer satisfaction. As we have shown with the aforementioned examples, there are classical and newer options. Both are highly effective, but we see how newer methods adapt to changing consumer habits. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your promotion to give your optical business the sales boost you’re looking for.

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