What is the CECOP Foundation?

We at CECOP USA believe that to be a successful company we need to support our members' community. It is imperative that we together with our independent eye care professionals look at opportunities to give back.

There are millions of people in the USA that do not have access to eye care. We created the Independent Eye Care Foundation to address some of these needs. Having conversations with our members and partners, we got strong support to move forward. We hope we can all support this effort to benefit some people in our community. We look forward to working together.

How does it work?

The Independent Eye Care Foundation will work with our suppliers and partners to get resources for the project. Once we have established those resources, we will look at opportunities in your community. We have officially registered the Independent Eye Care Foundation. We are already having discussions with our partners. We believe the Foundation will be a key pillar and strength for your practice.

We count on your support. Together we will help our community.