What is the Foundation CECOP USA?

At CECOP USA, we firmly believe in the pivotal role of community support in fostering success. Therefore, alongside our independent eye care professionals, we actively seek opportunities to give back and make a positive impact.

To illustrate, this philosophy is embodied in Foundation CECOP USA, born out of the need to assist millions in the US lacking essential eye care. Recognizing the glaring disparity in eye care access, we took decisive action by establishing The Independent Eye Care Foundation.

Moreover, through extensive consultations with our members and partners, we garnered robust support to drive this initiative forward. Our goal is to harness collective support to uplift individuals in dire need of eye care services.

Consequently, we eagerly look forward to joining forces and collaborating on this noble endeavor, which holds the potential to transform lives.

Furthermore, at CECOP USA, we are committed to fostering a culture of giving and support within the eye care industry. By engaging with our network of professionals and stakeholders, we aim to address critical gaps in eye care access.

Ultimately, through Foundation CECOP USA and The Independent Eye Care Foundation, we stand ready to make a lasting impact and contribute to the well-being of individuals across the nation.

How does Foundation CECOP USA work?

The Independent Eye Care Foundation, in close coordination with our suppliers and partners, is committed to securing necessary resources for the project. Moreover, once these resources are established, we will actively assess opportunities within your community for targeted impact and outreach.

Additionally, with the Independent Eye Care Foundation now officially registered, we are already engaging in fruitful discussions with our esteemed partners. Consequently, we are confident the Foundation will emerge as a pivotal pillar and a source of strength for your practice, bolstering its capabilities and enhancing its community impact.

We count on your support. Together we will help our community.