Vision Expo East

We were so excited to have a booth for our members at Vision Expo East 2022 in NYC.  Our members were able to engage with our team, learn about our new services, and even spin our prize wheel for special promotions and cool prizes!

Members also enjoyed free coffee in the morning and beer or wine in the evening on us.  This event is a prime example of how impactful CECOP USA can be for our members!


New Free Service Spotlight! 

CECOP UUniversity

UUniversity Education Platform - CECOP USA has partnered with UUniversity™ to provide free, on-demand, technical education with custom offerings limited to CECOP members.

  • Choose from a large selection of ABO and COPE courses, accelerated education videos, and live education opportunities.
  • 3 program tracks.  Once completed, staff will receive an electronic Certificate of Completion.

Become a member to get access

Already a member?  Contact us at 1-888-466-8263 to talk to your Member Engagement Manager and get your access key.

Courses CECOP UUniversity
LP- Campaigns

Featured Demo!

Free Practice Marketing Software


Gain access to 100s of Marketing Campaigns for free by linking your social media accounts to our Practice Marketing Software.  Then you just select the pre-made templates that fit your business and publish!  No need to think of new content to post, and easy to use.

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