Keys to successful optical inventory management

optical inventory management

In the dynamic world of eyecare, effective inventory management can directly influence customer satisfaction and the efficient running of your business. Keeping your inventory organized and up to date guarantees that products are available when customers need them, but also contributes to reducing costs, minimizing losses, and increasing profit. Remember, from sunglasses and contact lenses…

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The Role of Consolidated Billing in Independent Optometry

Consolidated Billing of an Independent Optometry

What is Consolidated Billing? Consolidated billing is a significant efficiency driver for businesses of all sizes and is quite popular in health care. At its foundation, it is the method of combining multiple invoices received by a business from multiple vendors into one single invoice. In “normal” operations, businesses receive individual invoices from a variety…

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Working On, Not In, Your Optometry Practice

Outsourcing: Working On, Not In, Your Optometry Practice

Effectiveness of Outsourcing Perhaps the most critical mission of any small business owner in the economy of today is growth – profitable growth. Widespread advancements in technology, product development and innovations, changing consumer behaviors, and transformations in staff expectations and needs are but just a few of the realities that business owners must deal with…

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Social Media Marketing for Optometry

Social media marketing for optometry

Social media marketing for an eyecare practice is a key factor in making your office known among the public, attracting more customers, and therefore boosting sales. Social media have many advantages as a way to reach audiences who may turn into potential patients, but perhaps the most important one is that they offer the possibility…

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3 Great Promotional Ideas to use in an Optical Business

promotional ideas for optometrists

In such a competitive field as the optical industry, offering customers promotions is a crucial strategy to set yourself apart and boost your sales. This is why we are offering 3 great ideas to use in an optical business. Buy one, get one free This classic, but very practical promotion helps clear stock, which is…

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How to improve your optical business

how to improve optical business

Every day, eye care specialists and optical business owners ask themselves how to generate more sales. When working to improve customer experience, we recommend implementing a few practices that are proven to have a positive impact on a business. At CECOP we want you to understand first-hand how to improve the service at your optical…

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Myopia Management Updates

Doctor managing a myopia patient

Myopia management has become increasingly sought-after in optometry clinics due to the sharp rise in this condition in recent decades. Today, around 41.6% of Americans suffer from myopia, compared to 25% in 1971. There are several reasons for this increase, including a mix of environmental factors and changing habits, primarily during childhood. Fortunately, this condition…

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Is an optical business profitable?

Person watering a plant reflecting the benefit of an optical business

We would like to share some tips on how to make it profitable and how to overcome this initial fear. You just need to follow a few good practices that don’t leave any margin for error. Today, we’re giving you a simple guide on how to optimize your optical business. 5 Essential Practices to Make…

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