About CECOP USA: helping independent optical practices thrive and increase their bottom-line profit. We deliver membership benefits.


Simplifying Independent Optometry

Meet CECOP USA, the only global association with more than a quarter century of experience helping independent optical practices thrive and increase their bottom-line profit.

Firstly, our commitment to support is unwavering: any time you have an issue with a vendor, you can contact us and we will resolve it 95% of the time within 48 hours.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of services, providing discounts, promotions, consolidated billing, marketing services, HR services, training, continuing education, and financial consulting resources. With no membership fees and just one bill for all the 150+ vendors we work with, your business operations are simplified. By joining our association, you leverage our significant buying power.

Furthermore, we are constantly negotiating discounts and promotions with popular and innovative brands. This ensures you get all the positive benefits of mass retailers and large chains while maintaining your independence and improving your quality of life!

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Our proven strategies for success help you achieve operational excellence and grow revenue.  We deliver membership benefits including:

  • Firstly, any time you have any issue with a vendor you can contact us and we will get it resolved within 48 hours 95% of the time.
  • Additionally, no Membership Fees
  • Moreover, you receive one Bill for all 150+ Vendors we work with
  • Furthermore, our considerable buying power allows us to constantly negotiate discounts and promotions with popular and innovative brands.
  • In addition, we offer financial Consulting
  • We also provide continuing Education & Training
  • Lastly, our marketing services are designed to support your growth.

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Consolidated Billing of an Independent Optometry

Our Origin

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Founded in 1996 by the visionary Jorge Rubio, CECOP has stood apart for its revolutionary commitment to the needs of professionals in the independent and entrepreneurial sector of the optical market. Our core values are in our company DNA: commitment to driving results, collaboration, motivation, transparent, and adaptable.

International Presence

CECOP has operations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, France, Ireland, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Mexico and the United States, and is expanding globally.

Why this matters to you: we have a solid track record serving the independent optical market and partnering with a wide range of popular and innovative brands to bring value to our Members.

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