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Get everything you need to attract more patients, be more profitable,

and have a more patient-focused practice.

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Everything you need to navigate third-party payers

CECOP has the team, tools, and proven strategies to help your practice increase profits while navigating the rising impact of third-party payers.

Get more patients into your practice

With Cecop you get exclusive tools and resources to increase your patient flow, help you convert more prospects into patients, and retain those patients for life.

Convert and retain more patients

It can be 25 times more expensive to acquire a new patient than to retain a current one. We can help your practice maximize all your inbound opportunities and keep those patients for life.

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Get a more efficient practice.
Make it easer to accomplish your goals.

From improving your practice operations and processes to maximizing all your patient opportunities, Cecop can help you create a more efficient practice that will allow you to accomplish your goals and focus your time on the things that are most important to you

What people are saying about CECOP

I have optimized my current website in all the local listings and increased my patients flow 300%.

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My staff have updated my website using a PPP loan and I now have access to great online and offline marketing material.  This has helped increase my customer flow.

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I now have a Telehealth tool that allows me to increase my revenue in the Post COVID 19 world.

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