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The Alliance and The Combine Group are now part of CECOP USA

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No frame should ever be bought without leveraging group purchasing power.

Oh, just another association with discounts...

Nope.  Not Us.

Discounts, and some marketing tools to help you with (which they did a great job with, by the way) and also the contact lens. Definitely great feedback, a lot of people to answer questions quickly.

Ruby Rodriguez, OD
Family Eye Physicians

Alliance has always been somebody that I don’t have to call on very often. I get more calls from them asking me what they can do and how is this working for me. In general, I don’t have to complain to them frequently and if I have brought up an issue they always handle it for me. That’s why I never change. I’m good where I’m at. I don’t need to fix something that’s not broken.

Debra Finley
Dr. Robert O. Graham Opthalmology

CECOP is really focused on dedication to the private practice and being able to give the doctors a work but as well as life balance.

Lucy Hartmann
Essilor Luxottica

Customer service
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Paying office bills is time-consuming. We offer centralized billing to pay 1 bill for all your vendors.

Reduce your administrative burden of spending up to 8 hours a month calling vendors, writing checks, and paying bills online. Centralized billing allows you to relax as you pay 1 consolidated bill while achieving vendor discounts when paid on time.

We fix your vendor issues within 48 hours. Any problem, we solve it.

Missing credit memos for frame returns? Service lacking and need assistance with a contact lens company? On average, we solve 95% of any issues within 48 hours.

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Everything Eye Care Professionals Need!

We Partner with More Than 140 Brands Globally

We facilitate collaborative relationships with the right suppliers for you locally.

We Share Our Marketing and Sales Expertise

Bring more customers into your practice; get them to stay and buy, and retain them for life. We also help you operate most efficiently and profitably.

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